Minnesota Wins with Prevailing Wage (Midwest Economic Policy Institute)

“At a time when unemployment is historically low and 72% of contractors are having trouble filling craft positions, one policy has helped recruit and retain skilled workers into Minnesota’s construction industry: the Minnesota Prevailing Wage Act. The policy provides local minimum wages for construction workers employed on public projects and levels the playing field for contractors.

The Minnesota Prevailing Wage Act keeps construction costs stable.

  • The vast majority studies find that prevailing wage laws have no effect on public construction costs.
  • Labor costs are a low and historically declining share of total project costs– about 23%.
  • A new analysis of 640 bids on school construction projects in Minnesota finds that winning bids on projects with prevailing wages are no more costly than bids on projects without prevailing wages.

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TDA Economic Forum Panel Discussion with Indiana Assistant Majority Leader Rep. Ed Soliday and Seth Millican, Georgia Transportation Alliance

“We got rid of prevailing wage, so far it hasn’t saved us a penny.” Representative Ed Soliday, Indiana (R).

Study: Prevailing Wage Repeal Could Harm Workers (Wisconsin Radio Network)

Eliminating prevailing wage puts a heavier burden on taxpayers, according to a new report by the Midwest Economic Policy Institute. A full repeal of prevailing wage in Wisconsin would cost taxpayers $336 million annually in increased costs for social safety net programs. Repealing the prevailing wage means that workers will need more government assistance and will cost taxpayers significantly more money.

“When you look at Liberty International, it is one of our biggest employers,” said Prieto (D-Hudson) from the Assembly floor prior to the bill being posted for a vote. “When these individuals live near these centers that should be an economic engine for the region, they should be able to be paid fair wage that is put back into the economy.”

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McHenry County Board Approves Prevailing Wage, Ending Three Years of Protest Votes (Northwest Herald)

Local county board in Illinois did an about face on prevailing wage. After three years of symbolically voting against a prevailing wage, board members overwhelmingly adopted a prevailing wage standard. Although symbolic gestures like this carry no weight against federal law, board members noted the importance of sending a positive message to their community by supporting prevailing wage standards.


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Push for Prevailing Wages at State Transit Hubs Passes Assembly (The Observer)

New Jersey’s General Assembly passed legislation supporting prevailing wage for transit centers in New Hersey, bringing wages up nearly $8/hour. The prevailing wage legislation passed the assembly with a 51:23 vote to support fair wages. Advocates view this as a major step forward in equality for workers.


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